The Art of Gift Giving

The boom of Gift Cards sale is indicating more and more that we are losing the touch on meaningful gifting. May be it’s because we are becoming last-minute shopper, or may be it’s because we are not sure how to think – what to buy?

We can help you with the latter reason. In this simple and short article, we are sharing fundamental elements that will help you decide on gift quicker, and a gift that will likely be enjoyed by the recipient.

Start here

For now, use rest of the tips. For future, get a head-start – stay organized by recording event dates (birthdays, anniversaries), and possibly the interests of the recipient.

Make use of digital apps or websites to capture this info and get reminders well in time.

What to buy?

It must be something that recipient wants, will enjoy (using it, or looking at it).

It can be a product, experience, or a handmade (or customized) item.

Keep it in your budget. If challenged on money, or recipient has everything – go with handmade or customized item.

Do's and Don'ts

Do consider recipient’s personality and likings

Don’t base it on what you like, or you want them to have

Don’t enter the territory of implied meaning (suggestion) – like exercise equipment, or water flosser

Create impression

Give it a unique wrap – good place to stand-out.

Add personal note – it need not be on purchased greeting card.

Accompany the gift with smile and love

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